Serena Van Der Woodsen opinion.

There is a lot that I would like to say, and most of which defends Serena’s honor.

  • Firstly, I am tired of everyone giving Blair the attention. This entire season has been about Blair and I’m seriously getting sick of it. Have the writers completely forgotten Serena’s existence?
  • Secondly, Dair. Serena has done NOTHING but support Blair and Dan, EVEN THOUGH Blair was telling Serena to confess her feelings to Dan like the episode before Dair became an item. How is that fair? Telling your best friend to confess her feelings and then going around behind her back and making out with him and being like “Whoops never mind, I want him!”. Serena gracefully SUPPORTED them and she was SO supportive in episode 5x23.
  • Thirdly, The season 5 finale. Everyone is saying that Serena is a really bad and awful friend for sleeping with Dan, but we don’t even know the entire story yet so CALM DOWN. Blair could have done something to provoke Serena. And we all know, that if the roles were reversed and Serena was in love with Chuck and sleeping with him, things would be ENTIRELY different with Blair. She would go crazy and take Serena down.
  • Fourthly, I know that Serena slept with Nate once upon a time, get over it. She apologized. She felt awful, and may I add they were sophomores and much less mature. And I don’t really think Blair ever loved Nate THAT much, and Nate always had it in for Serena and she fought her feelings for YEARS for her best friend and Blair couldn’t let lonely boy go for a second.
  • Lastly, SERENATE. I want them together. If you ask me, Serena is doing Chair shippers a HUGE favor here. (I am a Chair shipper btw.) I keep on waiting for Serena and Nate to get back together. They were perfect. Serena has had absolutely no romantic relationships with anyone this season, probably because the writers forgot about her. Bottom line is, Serena is not evil. Blair is most certainly not perfect, take her off her pedestal please. Amen Serenate for life.

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